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Sell your wines

At Comptoir des Vignobles we may be interested in buying from you if you have some exceptional wine in your cellar!

We offer commitment-free, complimentary valuations on any wine you may wish to sell.


Please fill in below, or join us directly at + 33 (0) 557 246 110.

Our experience of 30 years in purchase and sell gave us a strong database.

We pay you directly without any fees (average of 20% in auctions) from reception and after check of the bottles by cheque or wire transfer.

Please fill in the form below, or call us directly on + 33 (0) 557 246 110.

With over 30 years of experience in buying and selling wine, we have developed an extensive and reliable database.

We pay you securely (by cheque or bank transfer) immediately after having received and checked the wines. We will also not charge any commission (which typically averages 20% for auction sales elsewhere).